Steeline Expands Into Reroofing

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Steeline Roofin Spot now offers a brand new service: reroofing!

In 2018 Steeline Roofin Spot decided to expand its already broad product line to include reroofing. Now, the company offers an even larger range of services in sheds, fencing, carports, garages and reroofing!


Reroofing is replacing an old, outdated roof with a brand new, modern roof.

It has five main benefits.

  1. Reroofing substantially increases the value of your property.

Watch your property value go through the roof! Reroofing is an excellent way to increase your property value and prevent any problems into the future.


  1. Reroofing is an excellent opportunity to apply additional insulation.

When you reroof you can add additional insulation to keep your house at a manageable temperature.


  1. Reroofing is a tax write-off for your rental property.

Talk to your accountant for more details.


  1. Reroofing will replace rotten battens before serious damage occurs.

Prevent serious damage that will wreck the quality of your house. Reroof today!


  1. You will acquire a new product and workmanship warranty.

Get a new product and workmanship warranty to ensure you longevity on your new roof.


See to make an enquiry or for more information about reroofing today!

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